Another batch of our #organic #saba is done and we are storing it in glass demijohn for some months of rest before the bottling (with a special attention in seal very well and. Title when still hot in order to preserve it better) Saba became quite popular recently, is a sweet natural syrup, our is made 100% with our organic grapes of #lambrusco (2 varieties) and #ancellotta🍇 Is a labour-intensive product with an incredible small yield. We use to say that usually only 30% is left after the cooking and evaporation but during the time we have changed our mind (and counts). In fact in order the get a good Saba, we probably use not more than 20% of the original volume of grape’s just. As many other product, even Saba can be made “artisanally” or “industrially”. Artisanal is when is cooked down with direct heat, a process that must be carefully controlled and gives a lot aromas and different nuances to the final product. Industrial Saba comes from concentred grape’s must (concentrated juice) then very little “cooked” in order to give the color and the taste. There would be a lot of other information to share about Saba but now is time to go and finish to fill up the demijohn. #organic #saba #sabagrapemust #acetaiasangiacomo #novellara #artisanal

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