Here an original clay #georgianamphoras together with oak barrels. The first question is: who came first? The amphora for sure! In the history any clay or ceramic vessel has marked an epochal transition, a milestone, in human evolution. The first wine and of course, vinegar trace back to thousand of year ago exactly because of the first container able to keep the fermented must. Nowadays amphorae are fashion for #orangewine style production. But no one has never tried to make a #vinegar We performed the first test 5 years ago and after 2 years with #garganegagrapes from Angiolino Maule. Now we have some beautiful #Malvasia and #pignoletto wine naturally and slowly turning into vinegar. The first test was made starting an acetification at the same time in the oak barrel as well. The result was clear, the clay #amphoravinegar was completely different than the other one. Less “round”, more “straight”, more “primitive”. Is always beautiful discover old-new ways of doing things! especially if you love what you do. #craftvinegars #purevinegar #vinegarwithoutmother #superficialstaticoxidation #undiluted #unpasterized

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