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“Rincalzo” is basically the only operation we do in the #acetaia (beside the annual withdrawal and continuous quality check). It’s once a year , for us is before summer. It’s a crucial moment because adding a small part of “younger” product to the smaller barrel, you allow the Balsamic to age … forever. Without the #rincalzo your Balsamic will crystallize soon. #traditionalbalsamicvinegar #reggioemilia #batteriadibotti #barrels

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This week we’re making our #saba. This is the lambrusco Marani, Lambrusco Maestri and ancellotta grape’s juice from last vintage (2017). Right after the pressing has been partially reduced by 30% and stored for the winter rest; while it is resting, it settles down and sediment so we can take it out and cook&reduce it until the desired result which is usually 25-30% of the initial volume. In this picture there is the final part of the cooking (we probably need another full day) the most delicate because the risk of burning is higher due to low water activity. There is only the natural sugar from our organic grapes, slightly caramelized thanks to the traditional way of cooking (direct heat) nothing else is added. In the past was also called “grape’s honey” 🍇➡️🔥➡️🍯 . . . . #mostocotto #acetaiasangiacomo #organic

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via Acetaia San Giacomo
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